Reporting Hate Crime via our Reporting Hub

First published: 22nd February 2024
Last updated: 22nd February 2024
Who is this page for?

This is for anyone looking to support themselves or someone they know in reporting a LGBTQ related hate crime.


TKT can now provide help to the wider community as a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre. Through our services you can receive tailored support from LGBTQ+ trained staff to report hate crimes and incidents. The Kite Trust team can receive anonymous reports or help you to understand what the follow up investigation process looks like. Our youth workers offer a listening ear and can signpost to appropriate ongoing support following any incident. 

Please see the attached flowcharts for a visual representation of how to report a hate crime with us. 

A flow chart on how to report hate crime. This is the colour version
Hate Crime Reporting Flow Chart
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a step by step guide on how to report a hate crime via our youth work team. 

Signposting for hate crime charities. This is the colour version.
Further Signposting
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This image shows various other reporting services available.