Elections - photo ID to vote in person

First published: 16th March 2023
Last updated: 16th March 2023
Who is this page for?

LGBTQ+ in particular trans/non-binary people


This resource contains useful guidance for trans/non-binary voters.

Here's where you can find further information and the important dates

Please find below the guidance booklet produced by the Electoral Commission for trans/non-binary voters, this has been laid out so people can print the booklet themselves. 

Our website Voter ID | East Cambridgeshire District Council (eastcambs.gov.uk) also contains lots of information, or visiting the Electoral Commission’s website Voter ID | Electoral Commission can provide a lot of support and advice.

Deadlines for applying are

11.59pm Monday 17 April – deadline to register to vote. Residents will need to be registered to vote, before opting for alternative ways to vote/vote at polling stations.

5pm Tuesday 25 April – deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate. Voters do not need to provide a gender marker when applying for a VAC, however, the name must match the name they have used to register to vote.

5pm Tuesday 18 April – deadline to apply to vote by post. You do not need to provide photo ID to vote this way.

5pm Tuesday 25 April – deadline to apply to vote by proxy, the registered voter will not need to provide photo ID, however, the person voting on their behalf will need to show their own photo ID.

At the polling station

Staff at the polling station will ask for the voter’s name, to check they are registered to vote, they will ask to see photo ID and they will check the ID looks like the voter. The staff will not be checking any gender marker, address or nationality. There will also be private areas used for viewing ID if the voter would like their ID checked in private. The below voter booklet goes into this in more detail.